Friday Box Office: ‘Insidious’ Pulls Ahead

Insidious Chapter 3 pulled out a win on Friday, but it won’t win the whole weekend. Melissa McCarthy’s Spy is a little under projections, but it’s not the kind of film that is typically frontloaded on a Friday. Insidious 3 comes from a genre that doesn’t produce a 3X multiplier. San Andreas is continuing to do well, dropping a little over half in Week 2. Entourage is doing well for a movie made for the fans, and Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max continue their strong runs. Aloha dropped to 9th place, and with Jurassic World opening next weekend, there’s a chance it might be out of the top 10 after two weekends if Love and Mercy expands. Love and Mercy opened in 483 screens with a $1,325PSA on Friday, which would have made it the 4th highest PSA in the Top 10.

1) Insidious 3- 10.4M Friday, 24M Estimated Weekend
2) Spy- 10.2M Friday, 30M Estimated Weekend
3) San Andreas- 7.6M Friday, 26M Estimated Weekend
4) Entourage- 3.7M Friday, 11M Estimated Weekend
5) Pitch Perfect 2- 2.6M Friday, 8.5M Estimated Weekend
6) Mad Max: Fury Road- 2.3M Friday, 8M Estimated Weekend
7) Tomorrowland- 2.1M Friday, 8M Estimated Weekend
8) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 1.8M Friday, 7M Estimated Weekend
9) Aloha- 1.1M Friday, 3.5M Estimated Weekend
10) Poltergeist- 0.8M Friday, 2.5M Estimated Weekend
??) Love and Mercy- 640K Friday, 1.5M Estimated Weekend

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