Box Office Predictions: ‘Jurassic’ Will Stomp You ‘Inside Out’

Sadly, Inside Out won’t get the #1 opening it deserves this weekend, because Jurassic World is a box office juggernaut of unexpected proportions. After slipping past The Avengers to be the #1 opening weekend of All Time, Jurassic World is doing well even mid-week. On Monday, Jurassic World brought in another 25.3M, which is pretty incredible on a non-holiday weekend. Jurassic is expected to dip 55-60%, which will leave it with around 85M. Inside Out, on the other hand, while being well reviewed and slated for a big opening, is tracking about the same as Wall-E and Up, and could land only around 70M this weekend. Also opening this weekend is Sundance hit Dope, which will work on word of mouth as it targets a large urban audience. Love and Mercy also expands a bit more this week.

1) Jurassic World- 85M Weekend, 390M Total
2) Inside Out- 70M Weekend, 70M Total
3) Spy- 9M Weekend, 73M Total
4) Dope- 6.5M Weekend, 6.5M Total
5) San Andreas- 6M Weekend, 130M Total
6) Pitch Perfect 2- 4.5M Weekend, 179M Total
7) Insidious Chapter 3- 3.5M Weekend, 45M Total
8) Mad Max: Fury Road- 2.5M Weekend, 142M Total
9) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 2M Weekend, 449M Total
10) Love and Mercy- 2M Weekend, 7.5M Total
11) Entourage- 2M Weekend, 29.5M Total
12) Tomorrowland- 2M Weekend, 88M Total

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