Friday Box Office: ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Jurassic’ Defeat Disappointing Newcomers

Terminator Genisys is tanking. It will debut below every Terminator film except the first Terminator. A B+ cinemascore is suggesting it won’t have legs either. It won’t fall off the face of the earth, but audiences are kind of echoing what critics have said. This isn’t a great film. I kinda disagree. And unlike Magic Mike XXL, this flops hurts. Over 150M spent, which it might get back eventually after foreign numbers come in and everything is accounted for. But, this might be the last time we see the Terminator on the big screen. At least, in this series… and not a full on reboot.

Magic Mike XXL is a flop, don’t get me wrong, but it cost less than 15M to make, so it’s already beyond that. It also has an A- cinemascore, so word of mouth will be stronger. It has no shot at crossing 100M like the first one did. It’ll be lucky to creep to 50M.

Minions will definitely hit #1 next weekend.

1) Inside Out- 12.5M Friday, 30M Projected Weekend
2) Jurassic World- 12.4M Friday, 29M Projected Weekend
3) Terminator Genisys- 10.7M Friday, 27M Projected Weekend
4) Magic Mike XXL- 6.2M Friday, 15M Projected Weekend
5) Ted 2- 4.5M Friday, 11M Projected Weekend
6) Max- 2.6M Friday, 6.5M Projected Weekend
7) Spy- 1.9M Friday, 5M Projected Weekend
8) San Andreas- 1M Friday, 3M Projected Weekend
9) Me Earl and the Dying Girl- 488K Friday, 1.3M Projected Weekend
10) Dope- 420K Friday, 1M Projected Weekend
??) Faith Of Our Fathers- 178K Friday, 500K Projected Weekend
??) Amy- 98K Friday, 230K Projected Weekend

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