Featuring: Tig Notaro
Directed By: Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York

So, Netflix went out and made a Tig Notaro documentary. I’m going to be honest and admit that I was unaware of who Tig was until the moment she had her legendary stand up set that was tweeted around the world. The documentary chronicles Tig’s life, touching a little bit on her childhood, but spending most of the time on her standup career, and her streak of bad luck that launched her into the public eye. It’s really a fantastic look behind the scenes of a comedienne. I think we assume that they live these fun filled lives, and everything is a big joke. Tig’s life is anything but a joke, and the fact that she is able to find humor in it is why she is such a ground breaking talent. We get the full story here too. There’s no special treatment. The camera doesn’t look away. There’s a particularly heartbreaking moment where we watch Tig learn of her possibility of being a mother. It’s real, we’re in the moment. We’re right there with her. And because the directors are so fantastic, we’ve connected so much to Tig by that point, that it breaks our heart as well.

I don’t know how it works, with documentaries being eligible for an Oscar, but this is so far my favorite documentary of the year, and one of my favorite documentaries in a while. If you have Netflix, definitely check it out. It’s a whole different side to someone you might not know much about.


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