Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Josh Gad, Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage, Brian Cox, Jane Krakowski, Sean Bean, Ashley Benson, Affion Crockett, Lainie Kazan, Tom McCarthy, Dan Aykroyd
Directed By: Chris Columbus

The movie you’re supposed to hate. I admittedly avoided it till it came out on Redbox, and no, the sky is not falling. You might have heard that this movie was just an abomination on a completely different level. Honestly, it’s dumb, but in an oddly kinda fun way. Pixels is not Adam Sandler’s best work, but it is one of his more formulaic, less asinine works. There are less poop jokes, fart jokes, and crude humor than his other films. Instead, we’re forced to sit through plotlines like Kevin James being President, which seems highly implausible, and other plot devices that require you to shut your brain off.

Sandler plays Brenner, a guy who used to be really good at arcade video games as a kid, but now works installing TV’s for a Geek Squad knock off. He’s best friends with the President, which comes in handy when we’re attacked by aliens who found a space capsule and believed it was a declaration of war. Sandler is recruited, alongside other videogame experts (Gad, Dinklage) to lend their expertise in conquering the alien menace. Along the way, we are befriended by Q’bert. Yes. Q’bert.

I’ve had a worse two hours watching films this year. Several times. I mildly enjoyed this. I know. It makes me a bad person. I’m sorry. Honestly though, the special effects are pretty cool. I love how the film has worked out the alien attackers. It just looks really cool. So, kudos to that.

I didn’t hate Pixels. Neither should you. Unless you only see like 5 movies a year, in which case, this might be the worst thing you see this year. But if you’ve seen Aloha, or Fantastic Four, or Paul Blart 2… you have no room to complain. Sorry.


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