Weekend Box Office: Massive Snow Storm Crushes Hollywood

Wow. I should have factored the snow storm into my predictions. Everything is down further than I thought. Even The Revenant dropped 49% when it was projected to only drop 30%. I wonder what this week would have been without the storm factoring in? I was right about one thing. Dirty Grandpa led the newcomers, with The Boy in 2nd, and Fifth Wave in 3rd. But, overall, a very disappointing weekend.

1) The Revenant- 16M Weekend, 119.1M Total
2) Star Wars: The Force Awakens- 14.2M Weekend, 879.2M Total
3) Ride Along 2- 12.9M Weekend, 59.1M Total
4) Dirty Grandpa- 11.5M Weekend, 11.5M Total
5) The Boy- 11.2M Weekend, 11.2M Total
6) The Fifth Wave- 10.7M Weekend, 10.7M Total
7) 13 Hours- 9.7M Weekend, 33.4M Total
8) Daddy’s Home- 5.2M Weekend, 138.7M Total
9) Norm Of The North- 4.1M Weekend, 14.2M Total
10) The Big Short- 3.5M Weekend, 56.7M Total
11) Sisters- 1.9M Weekend, 85.9M Total
12) The Forest- 1.7M Weekend, 25M Total
13) Brooklyn- 1.6M Weekend, 27.5M Total
14) The Hateful Eight- 1.4M Weekend, 51M Total
15) Room- 1.4M Weekend, 7.9M Total
16) Spotlight- 1.3M Weekend, 33M Total
17) Joy- 1.1M Weekend, 54.2M Total
18) Alvin and the Chipmunks 4- 1M Weekend, 82.4M Total
19) Ip Man 3- 762K Weekend, 762K Total
20) Carol- 639K Weekend, 10.5M Total

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