Daddy’s Home

Starring: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Thomas Haden Church, Hannibal Burress, Bobby Cannavale
Directed By: Sean Anders

Another film I missed in theatres. I really wanted to see it, I just never got around to having time. It’s definitely one of the better Will Ferrell movies. He’s figured out how to grow up a bit, playing dad types instead of college frat boy types. He’s helped by Wahlberg, but no one really ever talks about how funny Mark Wahlberg is. So, it’s not a huge help. Wahlberg is fine, but he’s just reading lines, and being Mark Wahlberg.

Daddy’s Home is a genuinely funny film, though a lot of the best scenes were blown in the preview. Sometimes, the plot of these films is best ignored, and you just have to weigh how often you laughed. I laughed a decent amount, and I also felt a bit of truth in the story. It doesn’t have a ton of heart, but it has just enough for it to land.

If you enjoy Will Ferrell, you’ll enjoy Daddy’s Home. If anything, its proof that Will Ferrell doesn’t always need Adam McKay to make him look good.


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