One Mississippi (Season 1)

Starring: Tig Notaro, Noah Harpster, John Rothman, Rya Kihlstedt, Casey Wilson

I accidentally binge watched the entire season in one day. I didn’t realize it was only six episodes. What the hell, Amazon. This was an excellent show, and you gave it six episodes? I hope it gets a second season.

Tig expertly crafts six episodes exploring grief, loss, death, and other really deep topics. She does it all in her own style, and her own time, and with a really excellent supporting cast. Harpster plays Remy, her slightly dopey brother who evolves a lot in just six episodes. He has a lot of heart, and by the end of the six episodes, you’ll be excited to see more of Remy. The big star is John Rothman as Bill, who I would give a serious Emmy consideration for. I’m afraid his work will just be overlooked as solid character acting, but he’s really deserving of more.

I’m hoping we see more of Casey Wilson, but I understand if she doesn’t come back for the second season. I just love Casey Wilson.

I’m worried that Tig’s subdued style won’t register with everyone, but I loved it. Amazon seems to give most of their promising series a second season, and hopefully they’ll see this as promising enough for a second season. If not, it did a good job of wrapping up everything.

Definitely watch.


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