Featuring the Voices Of: Andy Samberg, Katie Crown, Kelsey Grammer, Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burrell, Keegan Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Danny Trejo
Directed By: Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland

Plot: Junior (Samberg) is in line for promotion at the Stork factory, but one thing stands in his way. A human, Tulip (Crown), who was orphaned and raised by Storks, but she can’t fly. Because of her the Storks no longer deliver babies… until a mishap sends Junior and Tulip on one last baby delivery mission.

What Works: A perfectly fine animation addition. It’s not going to be a classic, but it’s worth watching with your kids. It’s one of those “family is what you make it” films that’s really good if you have a non-traditional family. The voice talent is pretty good, with Samberg and Grammer being both exceptional choices for their roles. It’s a little like the other bird movie this year, Angry Birds. I’d say both are equal in quality. They’re not 1st choice films, but they work well as second choice films. It’s also well-drawn, unlike some of these imports that are poorly drawn and shoved onto the masses. I think the fact that Nicholas Stoller directed the film helped a lot. This is a guy not used to directing animated films, but rather R rated comedies like Neighbors and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

What Doesn’t Work: It lacks any real emotional impact. Not every film can be a Pixar masterpiece, but I feel like most try nowadays. It’s a little too silly at times, without any actual humor payout. At least, too silly for adults. Little kids might like the over-the-top slapstick madness.

Final Word: It’s now at Redbox, and it’s definitely worth 2 bucks, especially if you have kids and you’re looking for a good family film to watch while they’re off school. It’s not going to be a new animated classic or anything, but it’ll help pass the time.

Final Grade: B

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