Where I Watched It: Peacock English Audio Description Available?: Yes That feeling we all got the first time we realized Jordan Peele had something to say with his breakout film Get Out is something we’ve been expecting from every project since. He’s become a new Spike lee, interweaving social consciousness into his films, with a pointed intent at driving home something to his audience. What that something is, can be left a little open to interpretation. Just the fact that there is an alternate ending to Get Out suggests that Peele himself often second guesses how to deliver his own … Continue reading Nope

Wendell and Wild

Where I Watched It: Netflix Audio Description provided by: International Digital Center Written By: Liz gutman Narrated By: Sri Gordon I know most critics just hop in and do their thing, but I’m not them. I have to admit, there are moments even with terrific audio description, that i still find things where I get more depressed than excited or elated, because my inability to visually see something, or participate in the way I would have been able to a few years ago is now totally different becomes apparent in something. Here, I’m aware Wendell and Wild is a Henry … Continue reading Wendell and Wild

Candyman (2021)

Starring: Yaya Abdul Mateen, Tiana Paris, Coleman Domingo, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Kyle Kamansky, and Vanessa Williams. Directed By: Nia Dacosta Where I Watched It: on Demand English Audio Description Available?: Yes Narration Written By: Christina Stephens and Matthew Christoffersen Narrated By: john Bentley The Plot: Following the trend of reboot/sequels, now lovingly called requels, Candyman takes the lore that has already been established by two theatrical ventures, and some straight to video, about a killer with a hook for a hand, who is also engulfed by bees, who likes to be called The Candyman, and if you look into a mirror … Continue reading Candyman (2021)

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp: Season 1

Starring: Elizabeth Banks, Paul Rudd, Marguerite Moreau, Janeane Garofalo, Jason Schwartzman, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, Zak Orth, Lake Bell, Chris Meloni, Ken Marino, Joe Lo Truglio, Michaela Watkins, AD Miles, Molly Shannon, Josh Charles, Chris Pine, Jon Hamm, Randall Park, H. Jon Benjamin, Nina Hellman, David Bloom, Thomas Barbusca, Judah Friedlander, David Hyde Pierce, Michael Cera, Kristin Wiig, Jordan Peele, Bruce Greenwood

Created By: Michael Showalter and David Wain

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