Starring: Kate Siegel, John Gallagher Jr, Michael Trucco, Samantha Sloyan
Directed By: Mike Flanagan

Plot: A deaf writer (Siegel) finds herself pitted against a serial killer (Gallagher Jr) in the middle of the night. How is she going to survive if she can’t hear him coming?

What Works: I love it when a director makes a horror film that is truly unique and doesn’t rely on cheap jump scares. He just makes a scary movie through atmosphere and storytelling. Hush is truly exceptional for its genre. It’s inventive and fresh. I don’t usually watch a lot of horror films each year, it’s not really my genre, but I try and make time for the ones I hear are “game changers”, and Hush was recommended to me. This one definitely deserves your attention. Mike Flanagan might be the next big thing in this genre. He had also directed Oculus, which I thought was creative, an the new Ouija sequel, which got good reviews. Maybe he actually has a unique perspective. Kate Siegel is fantastic in a role with no dialogue. She carries the entire movie without ever saying a word. That’s impressive.

What Doesn’t Work: I kinda think the killer took his mask off too soon. Once I saw John Gallagher Jr under the mask, I became less scared. He tried really hard to be menacing, but he’s just such a nice guy in other projects, it was hard to take him seriously as a killer with the mask off. Casting is everything sometimes, and he was miscast here.

Final Word: Definitely watch this. It’s so short too. 81 minutes. It’s impossible to not have great pacing at 81 minutes. this is one of those underrated films you’ll hear your friends talking about for years until you finally sit down and watch it.

Final Grade: A-

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