Norm Of The North

Featuring The Voices Of: Rob Schneider, Heather Graham, Ken Jeong, Bill Nighy, Colm Meaney, Loretta Devine, Gabriel Iglesias
Directed By: Trevor Wall

Plot: Norm (Schneider) is a talking bear in the arctic whose home is being threatened by a developer who wants to build condos there. So, he goes to the big city to stop him.

What Works: I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t like it. I suppose the voice work was OK. It kinda has its heart in the right place, trying to educate children about the dangers of destroying the arctic. I’m trying to find positives here…

What Doesn’t Work: I think your kids will hate this. They’ll notice the cheap animation, you’ll notice it. You’ll notice the awful AWFUl jokes, involving peeing and farting. It’s just a poorly put together film, with a pretty terrible screenplay. This should have just been allowed to go straight to video. There’s nothing special about it. It’s the kind of terrible animation you get sucked into, like Hoodwinked, or Doogal, and wonder why you’re sitting in an actual fucking theatre watching this drivel. Had I not hated Ice Age 5 with every fiber of my being, this would be the worst animated film of 2016. However, all things considering, this is actually marginally better, because I kinda feel sorry for it.

Final Word: Definitely avoid this film, unless your kids are sitting there trying to pick between this or Ice Age 5. That’s really the only time I could ever endorse watching this film.

Final Grade: D-

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