Starring: Bob Odenkirk, Connie Nielsen, Christopher Lloyd, RZA, and Michael Ironsides.

Directed By Ilya Naishuller

Where I Watched it: HBO MAX

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Plot: A seemingly mild mannered middle aged man (Odenkirk) has his life turned upside down after a home invasion goes too far… and his daughter loses her kitty Kay bracelet.

What Works:This was a ton of fun. I had heard some really good things, and in a sub genre already dominated with the Taken and john Wick universes, it was a nice take on a retreaded format. And imagining Bob Odenkirk as an action star is brilliant.

The action sequences here are over the top, complex in the best of ways, and sometimes even a bit silly. Clearly at least inspired by so many other films that came before, nobody still manages to feel fresh. Admittedly, there were moments where I immediately thought of a direct homage to something else.

Not to spoil, but for example, the film opens with him holding a kitten, which immediately evoked John Wick for me. Then, he became a man with a particular set of skills whose journey of revenge was triggered by something that happened to his daughter, just like in Taken. Even the film using random non lethal everyday objects in fight sequences straight up reminded me of how Jackie Chan worked to popularize using the environment around you during combat.

This movie owes a lot, and it seems to know that, attempting to pay direct tribute along the way. And it works. nobody is just a damn good time.

What Doesn’t Work; So, in an effort to beat its own drum, and be both action packed serious with its own silly charm, the film also opens itself up to some giant leaps of faith. I bet the guys over at Cinema Sins were having fun with this one. I was giving a few along the way.

One big one for me was (slight vague spoiler alert) that the trunk was already opened before the violent car crash, so the idea that someone would have been able to stay in there, upside down, is absurd. Even the most well trained operative would have fallen out or been thrown.

So, yeah, if you check your brain a bit at the door, Nobody can be a good time. If not, this film might drive you slowly insane.

The Blind Perspective: Since action sequences typically lack dialogue, this film actually soars with some excellent description. You really feel like you are getting every little detail of the fight sequences. Without audio description, this film is unwatchable. Some characters speak in Russian, so unles you are multilingual you would need the English dub to know what they were saying. Do not watch this without audio description if you are visually impaired.

Final Thoughts; A hell of a good time. Sometimes it’s inventive and witty, and sometimes its not. Not everything makes sense, but sometimes in films like these, they don’t always need to.

Final Grade: B+

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