The Too Much TV Roundup

Once more into that… whatever the rest of that quote is. Here are the ten shows I watched in the past week that stuck with me the most.

1) Moon Knight (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Last week for this to appear on my list. I came close to loving the finale, but it felt rushed, and somewhat anti climatic to me. It needed to accomplish a lot, and squeezed it all in there. This was a great show, and they’d better find a way to give us more Moon Knight. I don’t like the answers the show runners are giving about being uncertain about a second season.

2) The Marvelous Ms Maisel (Amazon)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that I jumped back into the 4th season. I’m only two episodes deep, and I’m interested in where the series is going, but it definitely has some of the sharpest writing out there.

3) The Endgame (NBC/Peacock/Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: Depending On the platform

This new show wrapped up its season, but I’m guessing also the series. I’ll be shocked if NBC runs a second season, but pleasantly surprised. this show was better than the paltry numbers it was pulling in. There’s just too much damn TV.

4) American Idol (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: no

This is reappearing because last week they invited a bunch of alumni back. It was both a good and bad thing, as some of the choices were odd, and they didn’t represent every season. A general retrospective might have served them better, like a two hour “where are they now” touting all the past contestants that won or didn’t win but still went on to success, reminding people that Tori Kelly, Alan Ritchson, Colton Swon, and many others started here even if you don’t remember them.

5) Gaslit (Starz)

English Audio Description: No

Julia Roberts was enough for me to at least start to check out this watergate drama. It’s worth watching for sure, and other major cast members like Sean Penn and Dan Stevens help boost the ensemble. It wasn’t that difficult to follow. You can try it out, if you want.

6) Julia (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Just popping this on here to announce that it successfully got a second season renewal. It deserves it, and I’m excited for more from this cast.7) Russian Doll (Netflix)

English Audio Description: Yes

I loved season one, and I’m just starting into season two. It’ll probably get cancelled, because its Netflix, and there was such a massive gap in time between seasons, but this new one features time traveling back into your parents body, so that’s new and fun. Right? Natasha Lyonne is great, as always.

8) Bridgerton (Netflix)

English Audio Description: Yes

I’m four episodes, or halfway done with season two here. I’m actually enjoying parts of this more than i did the first season, and other parts not as much. It’s not a sophomore slump, like some have suggested, it’s just different, in many good ways.

8) The Flight Attendant (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag floating through the wind? Sometimes I do watching this show, which never makes a damn bit of sense, but yet somehow that’s part of its charm. I have no idea what’s going on half of the time, but it’s still fun.

9) Upload (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

i also finished upload this past week. It needs at least one more season. Come on, amazon. Don’t you dare leave me with that cliffhanger. Don’t do it. Don’t. Do. Not. I need resolution!

10) The Connors (ABC)

English Audio Description: Sometimes.

And a very special shoutout in the 10th spot to The Connors, for its special guest Christopher Lloyd. nice to see Doc Brown back in the saddle. yes, I left off Our Flag Means Death. Hopefully that doesn’t jinx it.

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