The Too Much TV Roundup- December 14th

Obviously, I was a little busy today. Shorter list than usual, I’m afraid.

4) Tell Me lies (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

As I mentioned previously with this show, I’m already at the point where I no longer feel like I need to know how it ends. I feel like it just takes up time from other shows. This show has a totally serious conversation in one scene, and then in the next sends its guys offf on a competition to drink beer and pee on a rock that looks like boobs. The weird thing is, this isn’t a comedy. That’s just them capturing frat boy lifestyle, and normally I’d find that interesting, except I don’t care about any of these characters.

Episode Grade: C

3) Star Trek: Lower Decks (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

i did laugh at the idea that the ship would be sent somewhere that no help was needed. That exchange was kind of funny. But, not my favorite episode.

Episode Grade: B

2) Wednesday (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

In case you’re wondering, what this show could have possibly done to drop down to this level, the second place spot. I can’t put it into words, but I’ll remind everyone this was episode 4, and i was not OK with that death. That’s basically the whole reason. I’m spitefully punishing this show by lowering it ever so slightly. I’m sure Tim Burton has just had his world rocked.

Episode Grade: A-

1) SNL (NBC/Peacock)

English Audio Description?: No

I know, I put a show that has no audio description on the top. But I had to in order to make a point. I watched only four shows, and Wednesday pissed me off, and also SNL had it’s best episode in years. Steve Martin and Martin Short co-hosting together reminded me that this is what needs to happen everywhere. Not only was it a great idea for this, but someone needs to fire Jimmy Kimmel and let these two host the Oscars. Their back and forth is so perfected, their comic timing is unmatched, and it reminded me that we need to be able to vote for both of them as a singular performance for Only Murders in The Building. With any justice, they will be nominated together at the Emmy’s for Guest Hosting this episode, so they can win together. The only times I was unhappy during this episode, they weren’t featured. Also, a note to Lorne. Thank you for putting someone on the show as a music guest that I actually know who the hell they are, and enjoyed their music. I know SNL prides itself in launching artists of the moment, but they’ve also swung back around to the classics every once in a while, and I actually didn’t fast forward through the music segments this week. All of that is why there’s a show with no audio description on top. It just magically felt right today.

Episode Grade: A+

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