The Too Much TV Roundup- 04/07/23

Netflix cancelled Sex/Life. I was surprised when that show got a second season order to begin with.

5) Velma (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Weirdly, the 9th episode feels deflated. It felt to me like they were trying really really hard to stretch to 10 episodes, and did so using the 9th episode. So much so, that the episode ends in a cliffhanger with a character saying “I remember who the killer is!” Lord.

Episode Grade: C+

4) That 90’s Show (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I always write about the goings on of everybody’s least favorite replacement memberberries but I’ve never really given this audio description its due. In the 9th episode, the narrator comes through quite a bit, describing clothes, as well as Kitty’s cartoonish dreams of becoming a school nurse again. School might be starting again, and Leia might be headed home soon…. But…. I can’t think of a nice spin on it. I know these kids will be back. Unfortunately.

Episode Grade: B-

3) Star Trek Picard (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Meanwhile, Jean-Luc is dealing with changelings. They can’t be trusted, and he doesn’t know who has been compromised, especially this blast from the past I forgot existed. But it furthered this story arc, and set up this large scale mystery that Starfleet has been compromised at the highest level, and Picard is being set up. Oh, and *spoiler* died. I was a bit shocked at that death. I didn’t see it coming. I guess with Picard in its final season, it’s time to start saying goodbye to all these characters, not just Jean Luc.

Episode Grade: A-

2) Not Dead Yet (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

While having to write an obituary for a sports announcer, our hapless lead has a lot happen to her, from crashing her car, to having her dad unexpectedly show up at work. The real winner here was Lexie’s plot, where her dad sat in on interviews expecting someone to be fired at the end of all of it, but Lexie learned a very important lesson instead. Lauren Ash is a treasure.

Episode Grade: A-

1) The Traitors (Peacock)

English Audio Description?: Yes


So, Sri won. After the episode that never ends, Sri played the game of her life. She started out with a plan with Ari, before realizing that Andi and Quentin were not going to vote her off. Ari wanted to drop Quentin. Quentin or Kate, irrelevant, as that first elimination still had to reveal if they were a traitor. And lets face it, I think most people assumed there was one more. So, Kate went home. Not a traitor. Ari was so confused, until he got to the finale, where everyone but Sri voted to keep it as it was. Sri is stone cold. She could have thrown that into the fire, and Ari would have split the money with Sri. But she felt like because he came on late, he didn’t deserve to split that cash. She wanted it all for herself. Ari realized this, and just dropped out, knowing his time was up anyway. That also revealed him to be a traitor, which meant the NEXT vote, Andi and Quentin felt even better, and Sri finally was ready to walk. So, they concluded, and Sri revealed herself, devestating her friends. Then I found out… there’s a reunion special? I cannot think of anything more awkward for Sri. I can’t wait to watch that next week. This season was amazing. I hate reality TV most of the time, but this show is true fire. Next season, i think they should bring someone back from Season 1. I’d love to see Kate come back.

Episode Grade: A+, Season 1 Grade: A

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