Best Of 2016: Directing Awards

For me, when I pick my directors, I think of many different factors. Was the film made better because the director was attached to it? Does the director have a unique voice and/or perspective? How well shot and edited was the film? Did it have a lot of pacing issues? Was the work original and groundbreaking, or just more of the same. Could literally anyone have replicated their work? These are the 10 directors I felt did the best directing job of 2016, plus five more for “Breakthrough In Directing”, which means they either had directed their first feature, or nearly their first.
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Best Of 2016: Top 10 Films You Didn’t See This Year

In order to qualify for this list, the film must have made less than 10M at the box office. So, these are mostly “indie” films that didn’t get a wide enough theatrical release, or were forgotten about at the cinema, but all of them should have been seen because they are excellent movies.
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