The Sea Beast

Where I Watched It: Netflix English audio Description provided By: International Digital Center Written By: Liz Gutman Narrated By: Jamie Lemcheck Ahoy! Netflix be lookin’ for all ye land lubbers, to take up arms against a dangerous new threat. no, it’s not a Sea Beast. It’s looking at a popular film, and figuring out how to make a new one that is close enough to the original formula that it works, but different enough that it is its own thing. Thus, Netflix has created How To Train your Sea Beast. inspired by How To Train your Dragon would be an … Continue reading The Sea Beast

The Too Much TV Roundup- July 8th

Started to take a look at a new game show today. Ooof. Wait for my thoughts on that dumpster fire. 1) The Boys (Amazon) English AudioD description Available?: Yes Duh. Of course the season finale was going to make my top slot. RIP (Spoiler). What a way to finish an insane season. I can’t wait to see where this show is headed next year. It’s truly a shame that some of these actors can’t ever possibly get recognized for their work at the Emmy’s because there’s really no category for this show. Sure, it was nominated in drama… but is … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- July 8th