The Loft

Starring: James Marsden, Karl Urban, Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, Matthias Schoenaerts, Rachael Taylor, Isabel Lucas, Valerie Cruz, Kristin Lehman, Margarita Levieva, Rhona Mitra, Kali Rocha
Directed By: Erik Van Looy

OK, this film is definitely better than 11% on Rotten Tomatoes. I mean, yes, the film has problems because of little plot holes, but this film is not awful. Fifty Shades Of Grey was definitely worse than this. Sorry sportsfans, but its true. The problem with this film is that it tries so damn hard to be clever that it thinks it can just jump over plot holes and think the audience won’t notice. First off, Wentworth Miller’s character was way too creepy… the WHOLE FILM. Like, James Marsden is obviously too likeable to be the killer, but Wentworth needs to chill the fuck out. Matthias is a red herring. And I’m sure someone read the script and said “Oh, but Eric Stonestreet is playing that part” so they added a ton of crude shit to his role to make it more believable that the guy from Modern Family would be a sex crazed maniac.

I’m not saying you missed a lot by not watching The Loft. It’s at Redbox. You could easily check it out. I think some of the performances are worth notice and some aren’t. I’d single out Miller and Isabel Lucas, who really is an awful actress. They don’t give her much to do, but the few lines she does have to drool out are really painful. I almost gave Megan Fox an Oscar, that’s how bad it was.

You might want to wait for Netflix Instant Streaming, so you’re already paying for the service.


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