The Too Much TV Roundup- May 26th

Somehow, in and around the movies, I’m still managing to knock out series. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. Lol. 1) Better Call Saul (Netflix/AMC) English Audio Description available?: Yes in the 7th episode of Season 5, jimmy and Kim worked toward a closure on their Green Table (aka Mesa Verde) plot, which led to not only a whopper of a gimmick from Saul Goodman, but in the episode’s B-Plot, mike worked to remove Lallo from the equation without personally linking himself to the events. So many actors deserve Emmy’s from this series. Episode Grade: A 2) … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- May 26th

The Too Much tV Roundup- May 19th

I had a fun little day with some great shows. I feel like overall Thursday’s crop was stronger than Wednesday’s. 1) Reacher (Amazon) English Audio Description Available?: Yes This show is addictive. in Episode 6, every episode has some heart pumping action, and intense sequences. Since I didn’t read the book, and it seems like no one is safe from being killed, other than Jack Reacher, I feel like anyone could die at any time. And that raises the stakes of every episode. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences from a new show I’ve had in quite … Continue reading The Too Much tV Roundup- May 19th

The Too Much TV Roundup- May 11th

I’m starting to enjoy this new format, as it gives me more of an opportunity to have collected thoughts on what I just watched the previous day. Time to reveal just how much television I actually watch. 1) Mr Mayor (NBC/Peacock/Hulu) English Audio Description Available?: Depending on the platform. This is why I like the new format, because it gives me an opportunity to talk about a show I might not have otherwise singled out. But the 9th episode of this shows 2nd Season was hilarious. Spending so much time on jokes about how young people don’t know what mail … Continue reading The Too Much TV Roundup- May 11th