The incredible Weight of Massive Talent

Where I Watched It: VOD from ITunes Audio Description Provided By: Deluxe Narrated By: Nicole Sansorella I did pay for this one. it was one of those things I really wanted to see, and it was on ITunes for a 99 cent rental (which has since gone away), which felt like a fair price. Man, am I glad i did this one. Massive Talent, as it sometimes gets shortened in commercials, is a very self aware, meta film about the state of Nicolas Cage’s career. A brilliant actor, who signs up for various films that don’t do well, and he’s … Continue reading The incredible Weight of Massive Talent

The Best Of 2021

With the Oscar’s swiftly approaching, and my Oscar final predictions released yesterday, it’s finally time to discuss who i think actually should have been nominated in the major categories, and who I would vote to win. This list will be completely different than the Oscar list, because I am just myself, I have no guild or board of people to mess up my nomination process, and my awards mean nothing. No actor is sitting out there waiting with bated breath to see if they will be included on Mac The Movieguy’s Best of 2021. Which is great for me, because … Continue reading The Best Of 2021

‘Expendables 3’ Casting Rumors

Word on the Interwebz is that Milla Jovovich, Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan, and Wesley Snipes are all in negotiations to join the cast of The Expendables 3.  Milla’s casting is interesting, considering there is already a female version of The Expendables in the works with Gina Carano and Katee Sackhoff attached. Snipes would definitely do it, since he… ahem… needs the money. Chan? He hasn’t been up to anything in a while. And we all know Nicolas Cage will sign onto ANYTHING if you pay him. Continue reading ‘Expendables 3’ Casting Rumors