Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Where I watched it: Netflix English Audio Description Provided By: Descriptive Video Works I just wrote a review about Spirited where i said explicitly that when you take one of these overadapted stories, you ahve to bring something original to it. Apple seemed ready to go with Spirited, but the Netflix shat out this nonsense. It’s just a C-Level adaptation of A Christmas Carol, full of forgettable pop songs written sort of in the style of music theatre, that paid for a good cast. in fact, it’s that cast that makes the film worth a damn. Luke Evans, Olivia Coleman, … Continue reading Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

The Best Of 2021

With the Oscar’s swiftly approaching, and my Oscar final predictions released yesterday, it’s finally time to discuss who i think actually should have been nominated in the major categories, and who I would vote to win. This list will be completely different than the Oscar list, because I am just myself, I have no guild or board of people to mess up my nomination process, and my awards mean nothing. No actor is sitting out there waiting with bated breath to see if they will be included on Mac The Movieguy’s Best of 2021. Which is great for me, because … Continue reading The Best Of 2021

My Very Final Official Oscar Predictions

So for those of you movie loving folk out there doing Oscar pools, let me be your guide. or not. Do your thing. Maybe your shaman already told you who will win. But these are my predictions for the Oscars that are being presented on Sunday. Yes, this Sunday. BEST PICTURE: The Power Of The Dog Despite the internet Oscar experts shitting bricks after Coda won the PGA award in this category, I know it is used as a barometer for predicting the winner in this category, and to be fair, i think Coda is in the #2 spot. It’s … Continue reading My Very Final Official Oscar Predictions

The Mitchells Vs The Machines

Featuring The Voices Of: Abby Jacobson, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Olivia Coleman, Eric Andre, Beck Bennett, Fred Armisen,John Legend, Chrissy Teegin, Blake Griffin, and Conan O’Brien. Directed By: Mike Rianda Where I Watched it: Netflix English Audio Description Available?: Yes The plot: When it’s time for a young girl (Jacobsen) to leave the nest and go to college, her dad (McBride) has a hard time letting go, and decides to make her trip to her college a fun road trip for the whole family. Then an apocalypse led by AI (Coleman) turns their road trip into a hell scape. What … Continue reading The Mitchells Vs The Machines

Ron’s Gone Wron

Featuring The Voices Of Jack Dylan Grazer, Zack Galafanakis, Olivia Coleman, Ed Helms, Rob Delaney, Justice Smith Directed By: Sarah Smith, Jean-Philippe Vine, and Octavio E Rodriguez Where I Watched It: Disney Plus English Audio Description Available?: Yes Plot: It’s another boy and his robot story. This type of film needs its own genre by now. There’s Barry (Grazer), an outcast in a rather dystopian view of the future, where kids and their connection to social media is so insane that a corporation (yes, presumably evil) has created robots that are even more tapped into the social network, forcing kids … Continue reading Ron’s Gone Wron

The Lost Daughter

Starring: Olivia Coleman, Dakota Johnson, Jessie Buckley, Ed Harris, Peter Sarsgaard Directed By: Maggie Gyllenhaal Where I Viewed: Netflix English Audio Description: Yes The Plot: A late 40’s woman (Coleman) is the predominant focus of this story, that jumps through timelines, and explores intimately many details of a persons life, and how they came to be. It tackles everything from motherhood and all that comes with it, and an unhealthy obsession. What Works: Olivia Coleman’s performance. Even though Jessie Buckley does a fine job in the flashbacks, this really a film that lives and dies with Coleman. I can appreciate … Continue reading The Lost Daughter