My Father’s Dragon

Where I Watched It: Netflix Audio Description Provided By: Deluxe Written By: Andrea Mozerella Narrated By: Laura Post We are going to need to not nominate this one for an Oscar this year. If we could just not, that’d be great. When i first heard of this, I saw a critic asking fans what their favorite Cartoon Saloon film was, and i didn’t get the name recognition. I watched the film, and still didn’t care. Since then, I now know they are the Irish animation studio behind The Secret Of Kells. This animated offering has a stacked voice cast. Jacob … Continue reading My Father’s Dragon


Where I Watched it: Apple plus Audio Description Provided By: Pixel Logic Narrated By: Jackson Thesaurus OK. So maybe the narrator’s name isn’t Jackson Thesaurus. But, I had my keyboard out, and I was typing the information quickly at the end during the credits, and while typing Pixel logic, I heard Jackson and then… Thesaurus? If that’s his name, it’s the most bad ass name in the history of badassery. I searched TheADNA for any Jackson’s and came up short. So, I’m going with what my ears told me they heard. Luck is one of those films made by a … Continue reading Luck