EMMY WATCH: Best Actress In A Mini/Movie

Well, obviously Jessica Lange for American Horror Story: Coven. Also, probably Cicely Tyson for The Trip To Bountiful, because she’s Cicely Tyson. After this… it gets a little harder to predict.

Sarah Paulson, also of American Horror Story: Coven, has a good shot. Whoopi Goldberg for A Day Late and a Dollar Short could get noticed. Holliday Grainger for Bonnie and Clyde could get a nomination. Helena Bonham Carter for Burton and Taylor and Kate Beckinsale for the Trials of Cate McCall round out the potentials.

Longer shots… Minnie Driver for Return To Zero, Rebecca Ferguson for The White Queen, Carrie Underwood for The Sound Of Music, Kiernan Shirpka for Flowers In The Attic, Gina Gershon for House of Versace, Julianne Nicholson for The Red Road, and Christina Ricci for Lizzie Borden Took An Axe.

Suuuuuper long shots… Mary Louise Parker for Christmas In Conway, Toni Collette for Hostages, and Agnes Bruckner for Anna Nicole.

I think Emmy voters will pick Lange, Tyson, Paulson, Goldberg, Carter, and Grainger.



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