Tears Of The Sun

Tears of the Sun

STARRING: Bruce Willis, Monica Bellucci, Cole Hauser, Johnny Messner, Tom Skerritt, Nick Chinlund, Eamonn Walker

WRITTEN BY: Alex Lasker and Patrick Cirillo

DIRECTED BY: Antoine Fuqua

There are war movies that document the historic battles and remind us of the times in our past that have created the present we love and know. There are other war movies that are basically just action movies masquerading as war movies. This is one of those movies. Nothing historic, just a fake battle between our American soldiers and some rebel forces, and there are some people who need some saving. Oh, and, Bruce Willis.

Willis plays Lt. Waters, who leads a team of special forces soldiers (including Hauser, Messner, Chinlund, and Walker) who are tasked with rescuing an American doctor (Bellucci) behind enemy lines. When the doctor refuses to leave without the people she’s taking care of, Waters and his team lead a group of refugees through dangerous territories to try and get them out of the hellhole country they live in. There are a few minor plot twists along the way, but basically this is an excuse for Willis to look gruff and blow things up.

It’s a pretty basic action film. If you’re not expecting Shakespeare, you’ll be fine. I actually had the opportunity to listen to the DVD Director Commentary, and I gave up on it halfway because Fuqua was talking about the plight of the people in Africa, and this feels like nothing more than a popcorn flick. This isn’t an activist movie. I don’t know why Fuqua thinks this movie changed peoples lives. He’s delusional. But for an action movie, it’s pretty average.


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