Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

STARRING: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Don Cheadle, Rebecca Hall, Ben Kingsley, Jon Faverau, James Badge Dale, William Sadler, Dale Dickey, Ty Simpkins, and Miguel Ferrer

WRITTEN BY: Drew Pearce and Shane Black.

DIRECTED BY: Shane Black

First off. Mad props for a studio taking a risk on Shane Black, because he is a fantastic director. Sure, he wrote some shitty films, but he directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which is a great film. It demands your attention. It’s possible that this entry is the best in the franchise, moreso because there is a great plot twist that you definitely won’t see coming. Yes, there are a few little “glitches” in the script, as some people have pointed out. And yes, the kid was excruciatingly annoying, but overall I had more fun this time than the previous two times.

Iron Man 3 starts out with Tony Stark (RDJ) recounting the events of The Avengers, and how he can’t sleep. He’s trying to make sure he can keep Pepper (Paltrow) safe. A long time ago, Tony had a one night stand with Maya (Rebecca Hall), who was working on some amazing regrowth ideas. He also blew off a rather gangly looking Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), a scientist who wanted to work with Stark. Stark embarassingly makes Killian wait for him on top of a roof… knowing he’ll never join him. Cut to the present, and now Killian is no longer so gangly, and is still seeking Stark’s involvement, and there’s a terrorist called The Mandarin that keeps bombing things.

That’s all you get from me. I’m afraid of spoilers, and this film deserves not to be spoiled. Except… in the middle of the movie… there’s this kid… and it gets really annoying. It’s clear that Tony Stark would be a terrible parent. TERRIBLE. And true, there are parts in the third act that could have made the entire second act unnecessary, but we all needed to see Tony hit rock bottom, right? He was soul searching. He was getting over the events in The Avengers. It was a healing period for him.

As usual, Robert Downey Jr. is great. Paltrow is much more kick ass in this film than before. Guy Pearce is a great bad guy, even opposite Ben Kingsley who is a true pro. Even Jon Favereau, Don Cheadle, and James Badge Dale are good in their smaller roles. There’s just… this kid. If there wasn’t… I’d give the film an A.


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