Emmy Wish List: Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

I couldn’t do 5. I had to do 6. Yes, I realize there are 3 Community Actors, and 2 Happy Endings Actors, but I fully believe they are the funniest guys on TV.

1) Donald Glover- Community

2) Jim Rash- Community

3) Danny Pudi- Community

The supporting men of Community all deserve to be recognized. Even if just ONE of them could get recognized (Pudi scored a critics choice nomination), that would be amazing. But I would recognize all three for their outstanding work.

4) Adam Pally- Happy Endings

5) Damon Wayans Jr- Happy Endings

Again, Pally and Wayans’s hilarity on the now defunct Happy Endings deserves to be recognized, if for no other reason than to bid the hilariously underrated show farewell.

6) Nick Offerman- Parks and Recreation

Because even though I love the 5 guys above him, I still can’t leave off Ron Swanson (even if I can leave off the Modern Family ensemble I adore so much).

Who would you pick? I left off some serious contenders…

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