Liars still tops for ABC Family, but hits a series low. Catfish returns

Catfish returned to MTV on Tuesday night, raking in 2.5 million viewers. It’s a nice bright spot for a network that is seemingly in programming turmoil. They just axed freshman comedy Zach Stone, the showrunner for Awkward exited abruptly, and Teen Wolf isn’t so hot in its third season (1.9 million tuned in on Monday). So it’s nice to see their unscripted Catfish doing some decent ratings.

Over at ABC Family, Pretty Little Liars continues to be the most watched scripted series for the net, bringing in 2.2 million viewers, however the show hit a series low. Twisted managed to pull in 1.9 million viewers, dipping a bit out of PLL.

On OWN, The Have and the Have Nots was seen by 1.8 million, a decent audience for a show that just got an order for more episodes. Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer drew only 800K for the night. That’s actually less than a repeat viewing of The George Lopez show got on TV Land, at 1:00 in the morning. Embarassing…

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