Adam Lambert joins ‘Glee’, Cote exits ‘NCIS’, Wayans returns to ‘New Girl’

Adam Lambert has apparently inked a deal to join the cast of Glee for their upcoming season 5. It’s unlikely he’s a series regular, and probably will be used more in the capacity of how they used Kate Hudson. He’s a little busy for a series regular job. It also makes sense, as more of the characters continue to gravitate towards NYC. Glee is also casting three more recurring girls, two of whom are expected to be involved in the NYC storylines.

Cote de Pablo has decided to exit NCIS for the upcoming season. She will return for the season premiere, allowing fans to have some form of closure, but considering how many fans were hoping for a Tony/Ziva relationship, it’s unlikely they’re getting the closure they want.

And in MORE TV news, Damon Wayans Jr is now a free agent after Happy Endings failed to transition to a new network. So, he has landed a deal to return for a block of episodes of The New Girl next season. He’s not rejoining the cast full time (yet), but it will be fun to see his reaction to how things have changed since his character left after the first episode.

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