Gugino joins ‘Wayward Pines’, Glau added to ‘Arrow’, Lauria returns to ‘Parenthood’

Carla Gugino has joined M. Night Shyamalan’s series Wayward Pines. She join the previously cast Matt Dillon in the FOX series, which is set to debut sometime in 2014. She’s playing the former love interest to Dillon’s character. The show is based around an agent (Dillon) who is searching for two missing federal agents, and because it is a Shyamalan series, we know it will be very mysterious, and likely Dillon will be dead the whole time.

Summer Glau has joined Arrow for an extended arc next season. She will be playing an adversary of Oliver Queen, Isabel Rochev. Her company is looking to acquire Oliver’s, so naturally, they won’t like each other. Glau has a huge sci-fi fan following, so this should attract some fan excitement.

Matt Lauria has managed to ink a deal to return for half of Parenthood’s episodes next season. His presence was left a question at the end of last season, but everything has worked out.

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