Friday Box Office Results: ‘Banks’ and ‘Walking’ underperforming

1) Anchorman 2- 8.7M Friday, 27-29M Weekend, 40M Total

2) The Hobbit 2- 8.6M Friday, 28-30M Weekend, 122M Total

3) American Hustle- 6.3M Friday- 18-19M Weekend, 20M Total

4) Frozen- 5.1M Friday- 17-19M Weekend, 190M Total

5) Saving Mr Banks- 2.9M Friday, 10M Weekend, 10M Total

6) Catching Fire- 2.4M Friday, 7.5-8.5M Weekend, 370M Total

7) A Madea Christmas- 2.4M Friday- 6-7M Weekend, 6-7M Total

8) Walking With Dinosaurs- 2.1M Friday, 7.5-8.5M Weekend, 7.5-8.5M Total

9) Dhoom 3- 1.0M Friday, 3M Weekend, 3M Total

10) Thor: The Dark World- 0.3M Friday, 1M Weekend, 200M Total

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