Weekend Box Office Predictions: Will Frankenstein Win?

1) Ride Along- 25M Weekend, 77M Total

After opening to first place, a record setting first place by the way, last weekend, Ride Along should cool off a bit this weekend. Audiences seemed to be generally happy, even if critics weren’t. That should lead to a 45% drop this week to about 25M. It should easily be the #1 movie, unless I Frankenstein is a breakout hit.

2) I Frankenstein- 16M Weekend, 16M Total

Was not screened for critics. Not a good sign. Also, I honestly think this movie has been undermarketed. Aaron Eckhart is not a proven star. The only thing going for this film right now is that it’s from the guys who did Underworld, and it is PG-13. Teens might show up this weekend, as there isn’t much else for them to see (except perhaps Ride Along).

3) Lone Survivor- 15M Weekend, 94M Total

Lone Survivor has been holding well, and another 40% drop to 15M is likely. The Mark Wahlberg pic closes in on the 100M mark, which it should pass the following weekend.

4) The Nut Job- 12M Weekend, 40M Total

The surprise hit should hold pretty well, as there is no new competition.

Movie Review: The Nut Job

5) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit- 9M Weekend. 30M Total

The underwhelming Jack Ryan has the benefit of being one of the more well-reviewed new releases. It shouldn’t drop too hard, and might eek out Frozen for the final spot in the Top 5. They’ll be neck and neck.

6) Frozen- 9M Weekend, 348M Total

Unstoppable. Juggernaut.

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7) American Hustle- 8.5M Weekend, 128M Total

The Oscar nominated film will continue to push along, with a very small dip this weekend.

Review: American Hustle

8) August Osage County- 6.5M Weekend, 27M Total

August Osage County should have another small dip this weekend, as people are checking out the nominated performances from Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.

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9) The Wolf Of Wall Street- 6.5M Weekend, 100M Total

The Wolf Of Wall Street might hit 100M on Sunday. If not, then Monday for sure.

Movie Review: The Wolf Of Wall Street

10) Her- 4.0M Weekend, 20M Total

Either Her or Devil’s Due will finish out the Top 10.

Movie Review: Her

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