‘The ExpendaBelles’ has a director, who should star?

Robert Luketic (who is a terrible director of films like Paranoia and Killers) has signed to direct The ExpendaBelles. Here’s the question now. Who should star? I’ve dropped a poll here for you guys. All three of you that will probably respond.

My Top 5 picks for The ExpendaBelles:

1) Jennifer Garner- She’s actually young enough to still kick some butt, but old enough to be considered “old”. Her action cred is definitely Alias, with a side of Elektra thrown in.

2) Uma Thurman- She’s become a bit more B-list now, but with Kill Bill under her belt, she has to be taken seriously for this project.

3) Kate Beckinsale- Underworld. Definitely should get her this gig.

4) Michelle Rodriguez- Who kicks the most ass in action films? This girl does.

5) Milla Jovovich- She clearly can hold her own in the Resident Evil franchise, so why not as an Expendable?

Make your picks!

(Yes, the poster is fan made and not real)

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