The Bubble List: 10 Shows To Keep/10 Shows To Axe


1) Trophy Wife- Because it is one of the best sitcoms on TV? The only reason you didn’t know this, is because it was saddled with an unfortunate title (like Cougar Town), and wasn’t paired following Modern Family. Honestly… ABC… just TRY running the show after Modern Family, instead of shows that are nowhere near brand like Mixology and Super Fun Night. I bet Trophy Wife would outlast both of those.

2) Community- Six Seasons and a Movie. We are SO CLOSE. And Community is a spot-filler, when you need it. You just order a 13 episode final season, and you’ve made the fans SO HAPPY. It means Community achieved its dream.

3) Parenthood- And while you’re at it, pick up Parenthood again for a final season. It’s time.

4) Nashville- It’s a relatively buzzy show, and it is on brand for ABC. It needs better writers. Poach some from Scandal, and tell them to make it just a little less soapy, and a little more fast paced.

5) Revolution- Definitely pick this up, throw it to Friday in the Fall with Grimm and let it help anchor the night. Run Grimm at 8PM, Constantine at 9PM, and Revolution at 10PM. In the Spring, Revolution becomes Hannibal.

6) Hannibal- Spoiler Alert. My bad. I’m also recommending the renewal of Hannibal.

7) Suburgatory- If for no other reason than Suburgatory’s proximity to the promised land of syndication. Plus, it’s a spot filler.

8) The Crazy Ones- I would renew this. I would not have renewed Mom.

9) Agents of Shield- It is just now finding its footing, creatively, and I’d like to see where it goes next season. The writers have finally caught fire, and you don’t want to stand in their way.

10) Star Crossed- This is more of a personal plea, as I’m actually enjoying the show. I can’t think of a logistical reason to keep it though.



1) Mind Games- Because no one will notice.

2) The Neighbors- Because you should have done it last season, then you picked it up and it got better creatively, but the ratings went down, and now you’re stuck with a good show that’s low rated, that you’re gonna end up cancelling and looking like a bunch of A-holes.

3) The Tomorrow People- Because I’m sure there’s a better pilot than what a second season of this show would be able to offer (like the spinoffs to Arrow and Supernatural, and IZombie)

4) Beauty and the Beast- See above. The CW has strong pilots, and some shows have to go.

5) The Carrie Diaries- You slapped this on Friday, you clearly want it gone anyway, so put it out of its misery.

6) Once Upon A Time In Wonderland- I’m surprised this is still airing, to be honest.

7) Dads- Just give up. Everyone hates the show. The ratings aren’t good enough for a renewal. You’d look better giving Enlisted a second season, and a new timeslot.

8) Growing Up Fisher- You can only pick up About A Boy OR Growing Up Fisher, and About A Boy is more of a sure thing. People will forget this show existed by next fall. It just has a terrible title, and is a completely buzz-less show.

9) The Goldbergs- Because this is the new According To Jim, or The Neighbors. It’s the show you don’t want to be stuck with.

10) Intelligence- The ratings aren’t there. Honestly, this needed to be on a different network.

(runner up… The Mentalist. You should have announced that this was the final season, and you didn’t. It’s your fault, now you have to axe a long-running drama. Plan ahead next time).

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