Rex Lee and Alan Tudyk depart ‘Suburgatory’

Somehow, Suburgatory went from being one of the hottest shows of the 2011-2012 season, to being a bubble show in 2012-2013. It isn’t even on the fall lineup next year, it is being held for midseason. Part of the renewal was an agreed upon budget cut. That budget cut has led to Rex Lee and Alan Tudyk being released from their contracts to Suburgatory. Tudyk has been a regular since the beginning, playing best friend to Jeremy Sisto’s character, and Lee was upped to series regular following the pilot, as his role of guidance counselor was a breakout role. It … Continue reading Rex Lee and Alan Tudyk depart ‘Suburgatory’

The Most Watched Network TV Programs for the 18-49 demo

1) Sunday Night Football- 10.3 million

2) Big Bang Theory- 7.8 million

3) The Voice- 6.5 million

4) Modern Family- 6.1 million

5) The Voice Results- 5.9 million

6) American Idol- 5.8 million

7) American Idol Results- 5.4 million

8) The Following- 5.4 million

9) Two and a Half Men- 5.2 million

10) Greys Anatomy- 5.1 million

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Three Still Running Shows I Gave Up On

1) Nashville I gave this show a good 7 or 8 episodes before finally deciding that I no longer cared what happened to anyone in the cast. It is too soapy, and there are too many ancillary characters for me to care about. Connie Britton does a good job, but the rest of the cast is really soapy. Even Hayden. I’ve heard about what’s been happening since then, and it just seems so daytime for my taste (and I still watch Revenge and Grey’s Anatomy). 2) Suburgatory   My love for this show went away with the introduction of Alicia … Continue reading Three Still Running Shows I Gave Up On