Box Office Preview: ‘Noah’ looks to sink ‘Divergent’

1) Noah- 35M weekend, 35M Total

A lot of press has been thrown Noah’s way, whether it is Russell Crowe meeting the pope, or Bill O’Reilly babbling on about nonsensical bullshit on his show. Christians will show up, just not in droves, and people looking for an epic film (the film has a solid Rotten Tomatoes score) will show up. The marketing has been strong, and there’s no reason to believe Noah can’t win the weekend.

2) Divergent- 25M Weekend, 95M Total

Divergent will likely slide by over 50% this weekend to around 25M pushing it close to 100M in 10 days, which will turn into 100M in 11 or 12 days. Not bad, but not amazing.

3) Sabotage- 10M Weekend, 10M Total

There’s no reason to believe that Arnold’s latest film will do any solid business. Under marketed, and generally failing to remind audiences that the film also stars Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard, Josh Holloway, and Joe Mangniello.

4) Muppets Most Wanted- 9M Weekend, 30M Total

The Muppets sequel will likely dip around 45% to 9M this weekend.

5) The Grand Budapest Hotel- 8M Weekend, 23M Total

Grand Budapest goes wider to 800 screens this week, and should continue to see a strong box office because of it. The Wes Anderson film is definitely the sleeper hit of the spring.

6) Mr Peabody and Sherman- 7.5M Weekend, 92M Total

The Dreamworks animated feature inches closer to the 100M mark.

7) Bad Words- 5M Weekend, 6M Total

Jason Bateman’s Bad Words widens to 600 screens this week, after having a decent (not great) PSA last week of 5,805. It was good enough to rank the film 16th, showing how weak the box office is. Bad Words should do OK this weekend, and with 600 runs, it will be enough to crack the Top 10.

8) 300: Rise Of An Empire- 4.5M Weekend, 100M Total

300 should eek into 100M territory this weekend (or come dangerously close).

9/10)- Non Stop, God’s Not Dead, Need For Speed, Cesar Chavez- 4M Weekend

Holdovers Non-Stop and Need For Speed will each drop to about 4M this coming weekend, God’s Not Dead will likely crumble over 50% to around 4M. Cesar Chavez is targeting its demo really well and might surprise this weekend with a Top 10 spot.


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