Weekend Box Office: ‘Noah’ Rises To The Top

1) Noah- 44M Weekend, 44M Total

2) Divergent- 26.5M Weekend, 95.2M Total

3) Muppets Most Wanted- 11.3M Weekend, 33.2M Total

4) Mr Peabody and Sherman- 9.5M Weekend, 94.9M Total

5) Gods Not Dead- 9M Weekend, 22.0M Total

6) The Grand Budapest Hotel- 8.8M Weekend, 24.4M Total

7) Sabotage- 5.3M Weekend, 5.3M Total

8) Need For Speed- 4.3M Weekend, 37.7M Total

9) 300: Rise Of An Empire- 4.3M Weekend, 101.1M Total

10) Non Stop- 4.0M Weekend, 85.1M Total

11) The Lego Movie- 3.1M Weekend, 248.3M Total

12) Cesar Chavez- 3.0M Weekend, 3.0M Total

13) Bad Words- 2.6M Weekend, 3.5M Total

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