ABC Makes A Lot Of Decisions…, NBC makes one

ABC has renewed a bunch of shows tonight. They really hadn’t done any early pickups, so that meant renewals for obvious choices like Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy,Modern Family, Castle, and Once Upon A Time (none were ever in danger, or considered “bubble” shows). Bubble shows Revenge, Resurrection, The Goldbergs, and Agents Of Shield also got renewed today.

In the new show category, ABC went wild, ordering How To Get Away With Murder, The Whispers, Forever, Galavant, American Crime, Black-ish, Selfie, and Untitled Jeff Lowell. Also, ABC has decided to order Agent Carter straight to series (it did not have to make a pilot).

Warriors, Sea Of Fire, and Saint Francis are all confirmed as dead.

For some reason, ABC did not issue a renewal to The Middle, long considered safe, as well as any of the bubble sitcoms, or bubble drama Nashville. Me thinks we have a few more renewals coming tomorrow.

On NBC’s side, they picked up new comedy A To Z, starring Cristin Milioti.

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