Weekend Box Office: ‘Godzilla’ Stomps Loudly In 1st

1) Godzilla- 93.2M Weekend, 93.2M Total

The big news of the weekend was that Godzilla opened above expectations and secured a 93M opening weekend. It also has secured a sequel. Godzilla managed to achieve a B+ cinemascore (I’m surprised, I hated it). This should help Godzilla play well in the coming weeks, when more and more big budget action movies open and look to steal Godzilla’s thunder. Next week, X-Men: Days Of Future Past is tracking extremely well (probably north of 100M) and should put a huge dent in the monster. A lot of Godzilla’s success is due to the extremely well done marketing campaign, which got universal praise for keeping audience interest high.

2) Neighbors- 25.9M Weekend, 91.5M Total

Seth Rogen’s comedy dipped 47% in week two, a little harsher than I thought it would drop, but Godzilla also opened stronger than I thought it would, so that probably factored in.

3) The Amazing Spider-Man 2- 16.8M Weekend, 172.1M Total

Dropping another 52%. With X-Men directly targeting the superhero crowd, expect Spidey to drop like an anchor next weekend.

4) Million Dollar Arm- 10.5M Weekend, 10.5M Total

A disappointing opening. We have to see how it plays out in the coming weeks, as the film did get an A- cinemascore, and could hold well instead of dropping like a bomb. There isn’t much direct competition in the coming weeks for the adult drama crowd, so it does have that audience locked down.

5) The Other Woman- 6.3M Weekend, 71.6M Total

6) Heaven Is For Real- 4.4M Weekend, 82.2M Total

7) Rio 2- 3.8M Weekend, 118M Total

8) Captain America 2- 3.7M Weekend, 250.6M Total

9) Legends Of Oz- 1.9M Weekend, 6.5M Total

10) Moms’ Night Out- 1.9M Weekend, 7.7M Total

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