EMMY WATCH: The Comedy Series Race

It’s starting into Emmy season, and people are plugging their favorites left and right. For some, that means launching Emmy campaigns for sure-fire contenders, like The Big Bang Theory, and for others it means hoping on a wing and a prayer that you could get a nomination (Enlisted).

Other than The Big Bang Theory, I’d say that Veep is a lock for a nomination. Louie is close to being a lock. I’m fairly certain that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will land a nomination, and it is possible that Orange Is The New Black will get a nomination (even though it’s not really a comedy). For the last spot, veteran comedy Modern Family is perpetually in the running, as is Parks and Recreation. Also, HBO’s new sitcom Silicon Valley has been seeing a lot of critical love thrown at it, and shouldn’t be counted out. FOX’s little seen, but adored The Mindy Project is more likely to get an acting nomination for Mindy Kaling than a series nomination. This would be the last time they could nominate either How I Met Your Mother or Community, and Amazon is making a huge push for Alpha House.

A few longshots include Shameless, Inside Amy Schumer, and Awkward.

My personal votes would go to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Orange Is The New Black, Community, Modern Family, Veep, and Trophy Wife. Because, honestly, Trophy Wife deserved better.

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