EMMY WATCH: Best Actor In A Comedy

Yesterday, I posted about the Best Comedy race, and now it’s time to start looking at their casts. It’s money in the bank that Jim Parsons will be nominated for his work on The Big Bang Theory. Also, Louie CK is a pretty surefire bet. Even though his show was cancelled, Robin Williams is still a contender for The Crazy Ones. Don Cheadle is in the running for House of Lies.

Wishful thinking, but Chris Messina will probably pull a few votes for The Mindy Project, but not enough to get nominated. Same for Adam Scott for Parks and Recreation. It’s doubtful that Ashton Kutcher or Jon Cryer would get Emmy love. Will Arnett might get a few votes for The Millers.

Wildcards I’d definitely consider: Johnny Galecki for The Big Bang Theory. He’s been nominated once before, in 2011. Not nearly as many times as Parsons, but still enough to show that he’s on their radar. Also, Andy Samberg for Brooklyn Nine-Nine can’t be counted out. He won the Golden Globe, and his show is very much the new hotness, so to speak. Matt LeBlanc is still in the running for Episodes.

As DEEP longshots, I’d single out Chris O’Dowd for Family Tree, John Goodman for Alpha House, and Joel McHale for Community.

As a betting man, I think it’ll be Parsons, CK, Williams, Samberg, Galecki, and LeBlanc or Cheadle.

Personally, I’d vote for Parsons, Galecki, McHale, Samberg, Messina, and CK.

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