Weekend Box Office: ‘Fault’ In Our Theatres

1) The Fault In Our Stars- 48.2M Weekend, 48.2M Total

With a solid 15K PSA, The Fault In Our Stars won the weekend. It had a steep drop off on Saturday, so it wasn’t quite able to reach 50M heights. The big story of the summer will be how a studio turned a young adult drama about kids fighting cancer into a bigger hit than a Tom Cruise sci-fi actioner and a Seth MacFarlane comedy. The Fault In Our Stars managed an A cinemascore, so future weekends should be good.

2) Maleficent- 33.5M Weekend, 127.3M Total

Down only 51% in Week Two. Should continue to have OK week-to-week drops and could reach 200M by the end of the run.

3) Edge Of Tomorrow- 29.1M Weekend, 29.1M Total

Tom Cruise’s actioner got good reviews, but only a B+ cinemascore. If the audiences don’t come back on word of mouth, Edge Of Tomorrow might not be able to pass Oblivion domestically. If they do… then we have a sleeper hit.

4) X-Men: Days Of Future Past- 14.7M Weekend, 189.1M Total

5) A Million Ways To Die In The West- 7.1M Weekend, 30.0M Total

Down 57% from last weekend. It was the biggest drop in the Top 10. If the Seth McFarlane comedy makes 50M domestically, I’ll be surprised.

6) Godzilla- 5.9M Weekend, 185.0M Total

7) Neighbors- 5.2M Weekend, 137.8M Total

8) Blended- 4.0M Weekend, 36.5M Total

9) Chef- 2.6M Weekend, 10.3M Total

10) Million Dollar Arm- 1.8M Weekend, 31.3M Total

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