Brooks Wheelan Let Go From ‘SNL’

Brooks Wheelan became the first termination casualty of the upcoming season, and took to twitter for an epic “in good fun” tweet about the ordeal:

Originally a stand-up comic with his own fanbase prior to SNL, Wheelan was brought in with the massive influx of new castmembers at the beginning of the season. None of them really turned into breakout stars, but a lot showed potential. Heck, I’d argue it’s really hard to stand out in your first season. Taran Killam certainly didn’t, and now he’s used in almost every single sketch.

Industry insiders believe that John Mihiser is also on the way out, having been featured in the least amount of sketches of last season. The only featured player who really should be deemed safe is Sasheer Zamata, who became the first black female on SNL since Maya Rudolph left in 2007.

The shows longest surviving cast member, Kenan Thompson, is expected to return for his 12th season. That will tie him with Al Franken, and put him just behind Seth Meyers at 13 and Darrell Hammond at 14 seasons. Is Kenan planning on staying for 15 seasons, and beating the record set by Darrell Hammond?

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