How Are This Summer’s Movie Fairing Overseas?

Maleficent has been a big winner overseas, where it has made 482M. It’s been a big hit in China, where it has raked in 47M, Mexico at 45M, and the UK at 30M.

Transformers 4 is also a big winner overseas, and is close to breaking 1 Billion worldwide box office. 730M foreign box office with 301M coming just from China alone. Transformers 4 has actually outgrossed itself in China compared to USA.

Remember Legends Of Oz? Only 2.9M in foreign grosses. Granted, it has only been released in 12 countries, but it hasn’t caught on anywhere.

A Long Way Down, however, has done almost no box office here, despite having a solid cast of Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Paul, Toni Collette, and Imogen Poots. The Nick Hornsby adaptation already has 7.1M overseas, much more than the 13K it has done domestically.

Million Dollar Arm hasn’t translated overseas with only 439K in overseas box office. Even in India, where it was most successful.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has done well, with 504M overseas. Blended hasn’t been as successful, with only 66M (still more than it has done domestically). Godzilla has managed 299M overseas. X-Men: Days Of Future Past has been a hit, with 508M. How To Train Your Dragon 2 has done 258M overseas. 22 Jump Street has 92M overseas.

Snowpiercer has been a huge hit internationally, making 81M so far overseas. Here? 3.9M. Begin Again, another summer sleeper hit has only 4M overseas. Boyhood has managed 2.9M so far.

Neighbors has made 107M, which is pretty good for a comedy. It’s been a big hit in the UK. The Fault In Our Stars has done well, with 133M, despite being a very American movie. Edge Of Tomorrow ended up being a hit, with 261M overseas.

Deliver Us From Evil hasn’t been a hit, only 7.9M overseas. Think Like A Man Too hasn’t translated either, with only 2.4M. Jersey Boys has been a bomb, with only 12M. Earth To Echo has only 227K, but only has opened in 3 countries.

Tammy has made 6M so far overseas, Sex Tape has gotten 10M, and Planes 2 has made 21M. The Purge: Anarchy has 6M, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes has made 181M so far, and this weekends new release Hercules has already made an impact with 28M overseas.

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