Friday Box Office: ‘Turtles’ Hits Super High, ‘Storm’ Disappoints

The Ninja Turtles scored a massive victory on Friday, opening much bigger than expected. Almost everyone was projecting around 40M for the weekend, but they look to be destroying that number. The film only has a B cinemascore, so it won’t quite have the legs that Guardians is projected to have. Into The Storm will land in 3rd, but fails to be the breakout hit the marketing team was hoping for. Audiences have been giving it a B cinemascore as well. The Hundred Foot Journey is doing a bit better than early numbers projected, and an A cinemascore should help. Step Up All In isn’t making a lot of noise, and a B+ cinemascore is “good not great”.

1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- 25.7M Friday, 65M Projected Weekend

2) Guardians Of The Galaxy- 12.4M Friday, 42M Projected Weekend

3) Into The Storm- 6.4M Friday, 18M Projected Weekend

4) The Hundred Foot Journey- 3.6M Friday, 11.5M Projected Weekend

5) Lucy- 2.8M Friday, 9M Projected Weekend

6) Step Up All In- 2.6M Friday, 6.5M Projected Weekend

7) Hercules- 1.2M Friday, 5.5M Projected Weekend

8) Get On Up- 1.5M Friday, 5M Projected Weekend

9) Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes- 1.2M Friday- 4.5M Projected Weekend

10) Planes 2- 0.6M Friday, 2.5M Projected Weekend


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