Weekend Box Office: ‘Turtles’ and ‘Guardians’ Defeat All

Ninja Turtles led the weekend again dropping a predictable 56%. Guardians of the Galaxy held well, dropping only 41%. That helped both holdovers beat three newbies this weekend.

Lets Be Cops did the best, and had the best per screen average. However, it has the weakest cinemascore of the three new entries, which could signal a short lifespan. It only got a B, while The Expendables 3 got an A-, and The Giver got a B+.

Also, huge kudos to The Hundred Foot Journey which only dipped 35% in week 2. Boyhood almost cracked the Top 10, in only 771 screens. Calvary continues to do well, with a 3K PSA (higher than Into The Storm or Lucy), and What If disappointed in an expansion, failing to crack even the Top 15.

1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- 28.4M Weekend, 117.6M Total

2) Guardians Of The Galaxy- 23.5M Weekend, 222.2M Total

3) Lets Be Cops- 17.7M Weekend, 26.1M Total

4) The Expendables 3- 16.2M Weekend, 16.2M Total

5) The Giver- 12.8M Weekend, 12.8M Total

6) Into The Storm- 7.7M Weekend, 31.3M Total

7) The Hundred Foot Journey- 7.1M Weekend, 23.6M Total

8) Lucy- 5.3M Weekend, 107.5M Total

9) Step Up All In- 2.4M Weekend, 11.5M Total

10) Hercules- 2M Weekend, 68.1M Total

11) Boyhood- 1.9M Weekend, 13.6M Total

12) Get On Up- 1.9M Weekend, 27M Total

13) Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes- 1.9M Weekend, 201.8M Total

14) Magic In The Moonlight- 1.8M Weekend, 4.7M Total

15) A Most Wanted Man- 1.2M Weekend, 12.6M Total

17) What If- 0.8M Weekend, 1M Total

??) Calvary- 0.4M Weekend, 0.8M Total


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