Where Should ‘Longmire’ Go Next?

Now that A&E has inexplicably cancelled Longmire, which is its highest rated scripted show, other networks are now able to pick up what should be a no-brainer. So, in an effort to help these networks decide, I’ve compiled a list of where Longmire should (and shouldn’t) go.

ABC: Probably not the best fit for their “brand”.

NBC: I could see Longmire on NBC, plus with NBC making a push for more summer shows, Longmire could make the unprecedented jump from cable to network as part of NBC’s new summer lineup. It’s not the best fit, and would have to tone it down on Network TV, but it could work.

CBS: For many of the same reasons it could work on NBC, are the same reasons it could work on CBS, with the added benefit that CBS typically skews older (like Longmire).

FOX/The CW: It’s not really right for either network.

TNT: I could definitely see Longmire on TNT. They’ve have pretty good success launching shows, like Falling Skies, The Last Ship, Franklin and Bash, and Rizzoli and Isles over the summer, so it’s possible that they could add Longmire to that list.

USA: They usually choose flashier shows. Longmire would be really dark for them, but they also have a lot of shows with strong lead characters, which Longmire DOES have. I think USA should at least consider this option.

A&E: Yeah, they cancelled it, but we all make mistakes. It’s possible that the outcry could cause A&E to reevaluate their cancellation. It’s a rare occurance, but it has worked before.

WGN: They’re trying to make a name for themselves with Salem and Manhattan. Longmire is an established product that could bring new eyes.

AMC: Longmire is exactly the type of show that AMC could air, but is AMC really in the “saving”  business? They have had a problem launching new hits recently, and with Mad Men and Breaking Bad ending, AMC really only has The Walking Dead. Maybe they need a new franchise?

AMAZON: Amazon is reviving The Tick, so they are now in the business of reviving product that isn’t original. Is Longmire a big draw for them, streaming?

HULU: Hulu could have saved Community, and they didn’t. I doubt they save Longmire.

NETFLIX: Netflix is probably the best bet for saving Longmire. They have the money to do it, and can benefit from a streaming deal for the first three seasons. Plus, they saved The Killing, so there’s a history here of doing similar tasks.

One thing is certain. Longmire should be saved. I don’t know why A&E cancelled it, except that it wasn’t an in-house production. Someone will come along, it’s only a matter of time.

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