Weekend Box Office: Pierce Brosnan Can’t Topple ‘Guardians’ or ‘Turtles’

Guardians Of The Galaxy took the opportunity of weak competition to have another fantastic weekend. It slid only 5% this weekend. Even Ninja Turtles only dropped 29%. This week is probably all about the holdovers and how well they did. Certainly no one can get excited about As Above So Below or The November Man.

As Above So Below scored a C- cinemascore, which is quite terrible. At least The November Man got a B+, despite an equally awful critical reception. Reviews haven’t hurt Lets Be Cops, which dropped only 24%, and continued to baffle critics by continuing to grow its box office.

When The Game Stands Tall dropped 32%, which was better than If I Stay (40%), and WAY better than Sin City, which dove 65% and fell out of the Top 10. It grossed less than spanish language entry Cantinflas, which is trying to follow the same pattern as last years super successful Instructions Not Included.

The Giver has been doing better, dipping only 18%, and The Hundred Foot Journey held well with a 13% drop.

In limited release, Jennifer Aniston opened Life Of Crime to a crappy 3K per screen average. Love Is Strange continued to do well, with a 9K PSA, and Begin Again expanded a bit more with a 2K PSA.

Ghostbusters also returned to 784 screens, with a 2K PSA, way better than Sin City’s $751 PSA.

1) Guardians Of The Galaxy- 16.3M Weekend, 274.6M Total

2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- 11.7M Weekend, 162.4M Total

3) If I Stay- 9.2M Weekend, 29.8M Total

4) As Above, So Below- 8.3M Weekend, 8.3M Total

5) Lets Be Cops- 8.2M Weekend, 57.3M Total

6) The November Man- 7.6M Weekend, 9.3M Total

7) When The Game Stands Tall- 5.6M Weekend, 16.3M Total

8) The Giver- 5.2M Weekend, 31.5M Total

9) The Hundred Foot Journey- 4.6M Weekend, 39.3M Total

10) The Expendables 3- 3.5M Weekend, 33.1M Total

11) Lucy- 2.6M Weekend, 117.7M Total

12) Cantinflas- 2.6M Weekend, 2.6M Total

13) Into The Storm- 2.5M Weekend, 41.9M Total

14) Sin City: A Dame To Die For- 2.1M Weekend, 10.7M Total

??) Ghostbusters- 1.6M Weekend, 1.6M Total

??) Magic In The Moonlight- 0.8M Weekend, 8M Total

??) Begin Again- 0.7M Weekend, 16.3M Total

??) Chef- 0.6M Weekend, 30.2M Total

??) Calvary- 0.5M Weekend, 2.3M Total

??) What If- 0.3M Weekend, 2.8M Total

??) Love Is Strange- 0.2M Weekend, 0.4M Total

??) Life Of Crime- 99K Weekend, 99K Total

??) Starred Up- 11K Weekend, 11K Total



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