It’s Almost Fall TV Season…

It’s almost time to start watching a slew of new shows. Which ones will be hits? It’s a good thing you asked. My list is organized based on premiere date.

UTOPIA- I originally thought this would be a bust, but FOX has had such a huge marketing push, I think this will be a hit initially, and will slowly fizzle out. The problem is that FOX is planning to have it on so many times that it will be hard to keep up. People love Survivor, but if Survivor was on three nights a week, I’m not sure people would love Survivor as much. I’m still predicting cancellation.

Z NATION- Syfy tries to copy The Walking Dead… except this is from The Asylum. That’s right, the crappy production company that brought you Sharknado, is now trying to knockoff The Walking Dead. I don’t think it will find the same audience. The Walking Dead is a quality show. This looks terrible. The bar is so low at Syfy that if it even has a mediocre audience, it might get renewed. Fridays are tough though. I’m gonna say it gets cancelled.

RED BAND SOCIETY- FOX feels confident enough to put the pilot online. Theres been a solid marketing push, and Octavia Spencer is in the show. I’m not sure that adults will tune in to see a show about kids, and I’m not sure kids will tune in to see a medical drama. This might be a disappointment. I’m now leaning toward cancellation, but I can also see it getting at least a full season.

THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA- I think this could do well. Debra Messing hasn’t anchored a drama before. The competition isn’t too bad. It can beat Nashville, that’s for sure. I’m leaning toward renewal.

MADAM SECRETARY- CBS loves this show so much it is airing the pilot back-to-back to make sure people catch it even if the football game messes up the start time. Definitely a full season, probably also a renewal.

GOTHAM- Already a bonafide hit. Will it drop off like Agents Of Shield did? I’m expecting a huge premiere rating though. HUGE. Renewal.

SCORPION- This could be the underdog surprise of the season. Smart, young, and off-brand for CBS… yet also surprisingly on brand. It’s still a procedural, even if the cast is young. Renewal.

FOREVER- I think it’s a forgettable show, and it is getting ABC’s death slot. I don’t think this show has enough buzz to be a huge hit for ABC. It might surprise me, but I think it’ll get cancelled.


BLACK-ISH- ABC really wants this to work. There is a market for this sitcom, and it pairs well with Modern Family. I think we’ll definitely see a full season, and if the audience turns up, I think it’ll get renewed.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER- One of the buzziest shows of the season. I think it’ll be a slam dunk for renewal. Shonda Rhimes has a pretty solid streak with ABC, and this has Viola Davis, and follows Scandal.

SELFIE- I’ve heard this is one of the biggest surprises of the season, but the title is terrible. This may suffer from Trophy Wife syndrome, where the network wants this to work, gives it a full season, and ends up cancelling it just as the audience starts to find the show.

MANHATTAN LOVE STORY- I still think this is dumb. I’ve heard it’s dumb. I think this is going to get a swift axe.

STALKER- I’m torn, because I feel like this is going to be another Hostages for CBS. I think Stalker is going to get axed. I’m hoping I’m wrong, as it looks like a solid show, and Kevin Williamson created The Following.

GRACEPOINT- FOX has painted this as an event show. I’m not sure if a second season is possible, but if it is, I think Gracepoint will get it. The buzz is solid.

BAD JUDGE/A TO Z- NBC is having a sitcom problem, and neither of these shows will be able to change that. They need better sitcoms, and then they need an anchor sitcom (like Modern Family or The Big Bang Theory) to help launch their shows. NBC is missing an anchor, and is hoping people will show up. They won’t.

MULANEY- FOX has a similar problem, so they’re shifting Mulaney and Brooklyn Nine Nine to the former Animation Domination block. I don’t think this will work. FOX loves this show though, so it’s tough. If this does even so-so, it could get a full season.

THE FLASH- Definitely a renewal.

CRISTELA- This just doesn’t look funny. But, it’s on Friday, and the bar is low. If it can retain the audience of Last Man Standing, it could get renewed. I’m going to guess it won’t, and it’ll get cancelled.

JANE THE VIRGIN- This is tough, as the bar is low at The CW. I think this could be a slow starter, and if its good, it’ll find fans, and a renewal.

MARRY ME- Same problem as Bad Judge and A To Z. About A Boy is not a strong enough hit to be able to help launch this. I love Casey Wilson, and this might be a great show, but NBC needs a big, funny sitcom that’s a surefire thing. The Michael J Fox Show should have been that, but it was terrible. NBC doesn’t have an anchor, so these comedies are destined to sink. If you think back to Must See TV Thursdays, and how that block was used to launch sitcom after sitcom (Suddenly Susan anyone?) that wasn’t very good, it worked. The Big Bang Theory does that now for CBS.

CONSTANTINE- I think this will pair well with Grimm, and has a decent amount of buzz. I’m predicting renewal.

THE MCCARTHY’S- I haven’t seen a lot of push for this, but with a CBS Thursday night slot, it has a solid shot. It’s also CBS’s only new sitcom this fall. Definitely a full season. Renewal? I don’t know.

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