Friday Box Office: ‘Maze’ Running A Quick 1st Place Finish

The Maze Runner has already seemingly won the weekend race, as it will likely double the gross of the second place finisher. It’s virtually unstoppable, and slightly overperforming this week. A Walk Among The Tombstones, meanwhile, is underperforming a bit, and This Is Where I Leave You is doing about what everyone expected. No Good Deed had a much larger drop than anticipated.

1) The Maze Runner- 11M Friday, 30M Projected Weekend

2) A Walk Among The Tombstones- 4.75M Friday, 14M Projected Weekend

3) This Is Where I Leave You- 4M Friday, 11.5M Projected Weekend

4) No Good Deed- 3M Friday, 10M Projected Weekend

5) Dolphin Tale 2- 2.1M Friday, 8.5M Projected Weekend

6) Guardians Of The Galaxy- 1.3M Friday, 5M Projected Weekend

7) Lets Be Cops- 0.7M Friday, 2.5M Projected Weekend

8) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- 0.6M Friday, 2.5M Projected Weekend

9) The Drop- 0.6M Friday, 2M Projected Weekend

10) If I Stay- 0.5M Friday, 2M Projected Weekend

And I was right about Tusk. Tusk is falling out of the Top 10, making only 250K on Friday, which will keep it from even breaking a million. The per-screen isn’t great either.

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